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thunderegg. Priday Ranch - Madras - Oregon. Dragon!!! Carnelian agate - Willamette River. Corvallis - Oregon.

Sagenite. Lapidary by Cyndi Wolke Stone rocks, Lapidary

Sagenitic agate or sagenitic structures (German term), here called sagenite, is a term that describes clusters of acicular or needle-like, pseudomorph crystals of minerals that occur as inclusions in agate. Cloth bag. Twisted ring chain handle.

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Add to. Sagenite Agate is a form of microcrystalline quartz. It is usually formed in nodules and has transparent, or translucent portions. As with all of the other species in the quartz family, agate takes a high polish with cerium oxide.Morrisonite comes from the Morrisonite Ranch in Oregon.

Sagenite agate

Onyx Sardonyx Red Banded Agate Greek Banded Agate White Agate Black Agate Blue Agate Fire Agate Laguna Agate Grape Agate Sunflower Agate Fairburn Agate Lake Superior Agate Argentina Crater Agate Moss Agate Thunder-egg Agate Sagenite agate has circular or needle like mineral growths. They can be typically found in fan or sunburst shapes. Agate is a gemstone found in many continents from Brazil to Afghanistan to Australia. Agate is popular for necklaces as the stone has many natural patterns and comes in a variety of natural colours. click on the pics for more info & price Chisos Botryoidal Agate 5.5 oz Sagenite Agate 8.5 oz Rio Grande Agate 15.5 oz Rio Grande Agate 11.5 oz Chisos Agate 1 lb 2 oz Rojo Agate 12 oz Mexican Plume Agate 1 lb 2.5 oz South Texas Botryoidal Shrinkwood 7.25 oz Texas Palmwood 8.5 oz Rio Grande Agate 12.5 oz Rio Grande Agate 9.5 oz South Texas Petrified Wood 1 lb 4 oz Purplish Moss Sagenite Agate Slab.
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Sagenite agate

Description. Additional information. Slab1362 – Sagenite Agate Slabs from Chihuahua Mexico. This three slab parcel measures approximately 7/32″ thick each. Ruler is in Inches.

Sagenite agate is a formation of agate that contains acicular (needle-like) formations of fanning sagenite crystals that have been encapsulated in a mass of pseudomorphic agate.This occurs when agate fills a cavity within rock that had prior formations of minerals, in this case being the golden sagenite … Nipomo Sagenite agate designer gem cabochon 3/23 01 - 51 x 20 x 4 mm - 32 carats - This rare California Sagenite agate is exotic, unusual and uniquely beautiful.
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Credit: ROBERT / VIKKI. It is formed by mixing Chalcedony with various minerals. The  Sometimes plume agate inclusions resemble feathers, plants, or flowers.